Bike FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, new for 2021. The brand offers ‘best in class’ quality e-bikes and scooters at very competitive prices to the customer.

The brand is owned by an industry leading specialist who, for the last six years, has developed designs and technical specifications for the manufacture of a popular range of superior electric bikes. Ampere is the extension of this expertise in order to create an exciting range of e-bikes.
Outstanding value for money, excellent quality for the price, and a first class after sales service. The aim is to provide ‘best in class’ e-bikes.

There are 5 different styles of electric bikes in the current Ampere range. Click the links below to see the product detail of each e-bike.

There are two battery sizes available for the non-folding bikes. As a guide, the standard battery range is up to 40 miles. The range for the larger battery is up to 75 miles.

The lighter batteries for the folding bikes have a range up to 40 miles for the standard battery and up to 60 miles for the larger battery.

Yes, all purchases include a user manual. This explains how the bikes work, the recommended care and maintenance to look after the bike, and the warranty information.

The manuals are also available on each product page.

The problem should be resolved through your retailer. If this cannot be resolved quickly the retailer will be able to contact Ampere for resolution. A stock of spare parts is held in the UK to help resolve any problems quickly.