Crossbar Electric Bikes

Crossbar Electric Bikes

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With a diverse range of models available, Ampere Electric is guaranteed to have a crossbar e-bike that suits your taste and style. A crossbar electric bike from Ampere can take you anywhere you wish to go, whether you need to commute through the city to work or wish to explore harsh, bumpy terrain to quench your thirst for adventure. Check out the different models available below and read on to discover why a crossbar might be the right choice for you.

Is A Crossbar E-Bike Right For Me?

If you are looking for an ideal e-bike for your lifestyle, you may ask yourself, why choose a crossbar e-bike over other types? Well, Crossbar models are very well-rounded bikes and, as such, contain features that will appeal to all types of riders. 

The way in which the frames are constructed on our crossbar electric bikes is very similar to how the frames of touring e-bikes are constructed. This key feature means that those who ride crossbar e-bikes are able to go further and explore even more than riders of other types of e-bike, on a single charge. If touring capabilities is a key part of what you’re looking for in an electric bike, consider our products in this range, particularly the Ampere Tourer – Hybrid EBike and the Ampere Tourer S – Hybrid EBike, both of which are available with two different colour combinations. These e-bikes give the opportunity to cover a lot of land and explore many locations all the while knowing that you’re being green. 

Crossbar Electric Bikes For All

What’s more, all of our bikes in this range are power assisted, and that power is supplied by 65Nm motors. The presence of such an outstanding motor ensures that you’ll be able to work on your fitness as well as enjoying the scenery, whether you are an experienced rider, looking to get into cycling for the first time or making a return to the saddle. All of our crossbar electric bikes are modern and sleek in design, so you’ll also look good whilst pedalling to your heart’s content! 

For those looking to really challenge themselves and take on mountainous terrain, we recommend learning more about the mountain e-bike in our crossbar range, the Ampere X-Trail. Another very accomplished option that is suitable for trips such as taking the family on an adventure day out is the irrepressible Ampere Hilux, a model that boasts features such as ultra-responsive hydraulic disc brakes and a centrally mounted LCD display. 

If you wish to cycle further, in greater comfort and with more power at your disposal, come and test ride an Ampere crossbar e-bike today. Book a test ride by calling us on 07877 950433 or get in touch online.