9 Benefits of an Electric Scooter Over a Traditional Car: A Look into the Ampere Go

The electric scooter revolution has slowly been taking over the country, with more and more people jumping on board the trend in the past couple of years. In fact, various cities across the country have recently begun eScooter trials in an attempt to be more environmentally friendly and to reduce the number of cars on the road.

People Riding Electric Scooters

But why choose an electric scooter over a car? There are many benefits to choosing an electric scooter over a traditional car, from sustainability to cost and convenience. In this article, we look at nine amazing benefits of our eScooter, the Ampere Go. Interested? Keep reading to find out more…

What are the 9 Benefits of an Electric Scooter Over a Traditional Car?

1 – More Sustainable

Compared to your traditional petrol or diesel car, there’s no doubt that electric scooters are a much more sustainable option. Running off a powerful 10AH 36V lithium-ion battery, the Ampere Go offers up to 30 miles of sustainable transportation and all you have to do is recharge it at the end of the day!

2 – Cheaper Purchase Cost

At just £499, or 3 instalments of £166.33, the Ampere Go is just a fraction of the cost of a traditional car. Even if buying a car second hand or through monthly payments, the overall cost of an electric scooter is much less, making it more accessible to a much wider market.

Ampere Go Electric Scooter in Green

3 – Lower Running Costs

In addition to the cheaper purchase cost, electric scooters are much more affordable to run than a traditional car. With no need for MOTs, services or taxes, the only cost you will face is the electricity required to re-charge the battery!

4 – Excellent Accessibility

Being suitable for just a single rider, eScooters are much smaller and therefore have excellent accessibility and manoeuvrability, much better than that of a standard car. With the ability to be able to fit down small roads, along pavements, paths and in bike lanes, they are a great choice for those looking for an easy way to get around day to day.

5 – Easy Storage

Being small and also foldable, the Ampere Go is ideal for easy storage at home or at work. Fitting neatly into small spaces, you don’t have to worry about a driveway, garage or parking permit like you would with a traditional car.

Ampere Go folding electric scooter

6 – Simple Transportation

Another benefit of the small size is ease of transportation. Whether you are catching a train, tube or bus, your Ampere Go is easy to carry around with you – and it’s ready for when you arrive to unfold, get on and scoot off. Additionally, you can easily fit your electric scooter into the back of any car – perfect for taking away on a staycation!

7 – Higher Security

Their small size is also great for security. Unlike a large car, these foldable eScooters are perfect for storing safely inside your home, corner of your garage or your office space when at work. You won’t need to worry about where you left it as you can always keep an eye on it when it’s nearby!

8 – Health Benefits

Unlike a traditional car, electric scooters allow riders to get outside and enjoy the fresh air – a great way to start your day. Whilst the 350W High Torque motor does most of the work, these scooters are still great exercise and they help with balance too!

Riding an Ampere Go Electric Scooter next to the water

9 – They’re Fun!

Finally, they’re fun! Sleek, sophisticated and stylish, an electric scooter is a cool and enjoyable way to get around. The Ampere Go comes in two colours: grey and gold or grey and green – so you can choose the model that fits you best!

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