E-Scooters For Sale – Delivered In Time For Christmas

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It may only be October and you may not have started to think about it yet, but Christmas is only around the corner and will be here before you know it! If you’re thinking about gifting a loved one with an extra special present this year, Ampere Electric has a great range of e-scooters for […]

What are the Top Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric Scooter?

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If you’re thinking about buying an electric scooter, there are a number of things you should consider before deciding which model to buy. From where and when you use it, the scooter specifications and also your budget, there are many factors that come into play. Not only this but as their popularity grows, the number […]

How to Look After Your Electric Scooter: A Maintenance Guide from Ampere

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After choosing to invest in a top quality electric scooter from Ampere, it is important you take good care of it to ensure it maintains its excellent condition for as long as possible. Whilst electric scooters are typically low maintenance, there are a number of simple things you can do to ensure you look after […]

Discover the Ampere Go: the high-quality electric scooter from Ampere Electric

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Ever-gaining in popularity, electric scooters are taking the world by storm, offering an affordable, sustainable and convenient way to travel around. In the UK, there has been recent news that electric scooters are now becoming legalised in a number of places across the country, with renting schemes being put in place as a trial-run. Under […]

eScooter vs eBike: Which Should You Choose?

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Electric bikes and eScooters have gained significant popularity in the past few years, both with a noticeable rise in 2020 alone. Each one offers motorised assistance that makes hills and longer journeys a breeze, but they also have their individual benefits that can make choosing between them tough. Previously on the blog, we wrote about […]

What are the Top 4 Benefits of eScooters?

Riding an Ampere Go Electric Scooter next to a canal

Cost-effective, fun to ride and ideal for short trips, electric scooters have recently taken the UK by storm. Seen frequently in towns and cities across the country, this innovation in leisure travel is likely to change the way many of us get around day-to-day. But what makes eScooters so popular? If we look at a […]