What are the Top 4 Benefits of eScooters?

Cost-effective, fun to ride and ideal for short trips, electric scooters have recently taken the UK by storm. Seen frequently in towns and cities across the country, this innovation in leisure travel is likely to change the way many of us get around day-to-day. But what makes eScooters so popular? If we look at a similar mode of transport that has also been gaining popularity lately: electric bikes, for example, the added battery power allows riders to go further and faster than when riding a standard pushbike. Electric scooters offer a similar experience to this when compared with a standard manual scooter, but they are also cheaper and more portable than e-bikes, which makes them a preferred choice by many.

eScooters on the street

Exploring the Top 4 Benefits of Electric Scooters

Your choice of transport will vary heavily depending on your requirements. However, if you are thinking of getting an eScooter, then this article is for you. Below, we take a look at the top 4 benefits of electric scooters for adults in more detail. Interested? Keep reading to find out more…

1 – Cost-Effective

If you’re after a new way to get around, eScooters are definitely one of the more cost-effective options. Significantly cheaper than cars in terms of running costs, as well as most e-bikes, electric scooters make the battery-powered mode of transport much more affordable and more accessible for a much wider range of people.

2 – Easy Storage & Transportation

With their folding capabilities, electric scooters are highly suited to easy storage and transportation – much more so, in fact, than an electric bike as they are much sleeker and more lightweight. This makes them highly convenient for loading into the back of a car or motorhome as they do not take up much space and make the trips a breeze when you arrive at your destination.

Ampere Go Electric Scooter

3 – Faster Travel Time for Short Trips

The added battery power allows you to travel much faster than when walking or even that when riding a standard scooter, which will save you time on your short trips. Perfect for running errands, these power-assisted scooters are a great choice and an easy way to get around.

4 – Fun!

And of course, they’re fun! Perfect for adults looking for an easy and enjoyable mode of travel, eScooters provide a hugely enjoyable riding experience – just jump on, push the throttle, and you’re off!

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eScooters and Electric Bikes from Ampere Electric

At Ampere, we offer a wide range of products, from electric scooters to a variety of electric bikes – something for everyone! We also provide a range of accessories to complement your riding experience and to keep you safe on the road. If you have any questions or would like to know more about our range of products, please contact our team today by filling out the contact form on our website, calling us on 07877 950433 or by emailing us at: enquiries@ampereelectric.co.uk.