What are the Top Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric Scooter?

If you’re thinking about buying an electric scooter, there are a number of things you should consider before deciding which model to buy. From where and when you use it, the scooter specifications and also your budget, there are many factors that come into play. Not only this but as their popularity grows, the number of e scooters for sale on the market increases, making your decision even more difficult. With each model offering their own unique features and benefits, how do you know which model is right for you?


In this article, we take a look at the top things you should consider before buying an electric scooter to help you make your decision easier. Interested? Keep reading to find out more.

How You’ll Use It

How you plan to use your electric scooter will have a big impact on the type of model you should purchase. Researching carefully before you buy will help you determine the most appropriate product specifications for your needs. Below are some of the key things to consider.

Battery Life and Capacity

Depending on the model and brand, electric scooter batteries vary but can make a big difference to your riding experience. There are a variety of battery capacities available on the market but ideally you want a battery that offers maximum power and life with minimal weight. With that in mind, you should be looking for a lithium-ion battery so you can maximise the distance and duration of your trips.

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Motors on e scooters also vary between manufacturers so this is something else that should be considered when making your decision. The way the motor performs will also depend on the other aspects of the model. One scooter may have a more powerful motor than another, but if the scooter with the more powerful motor is heavier, there will not be much difference in their performance – especially when it comes to acceleration.

Top tip: you may want to consider test riding a couple of different models to get an idea of how different scooters perform.

Where You’ll Use It

Think about the terrain where you’ll be most likely to use your scooter and if the product descriptions you’re reading take this into account when discussing speed and distance. If you live in quite a hilly area, you may need a scooter with a more powerful motor to get up the incline with ease. If you live quite far away from your local amenities, a longer battery life would be an advantage to you so you can travel further between charges.


Product Specifications

As mentioned above, how you plan to use your electric scooter will influence your requirements for your product specifications, but there are some additional factors here that should be considered.

Speed and Power

Largely influenced by the battery and motor, but try and look at these together to give you an idea of the speed and power you require/would like to see from your electric scooter.

Size and Weight

Next up is the size and weight. This will have an impact on the performance of the scooter as a whole, but is also an important factor when thinking how you will both store and transport your e scooter when you’re not using it. Folding scooters are particularly great for storing where you have limited space.

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It’s all very well having an electric scooter that has excellent power and speed, but if the brakes aren’t up to scratch, it’s not worth your time. As the rider’s safety is a top priority, the brakes should be one of your key considerations.

Wheels and Tyres

Another thing to consider when choosing an e scooter is the wheels. There are a few different types of wheels, but the main options are air-filled rubber tyres or solid tyres. Your local terrain might have an impact on your preference here, as might the fact that air-filled tyres have the potential to puncture on rough surfaces.

Appearance and Design

The appearance of your electric scooter will, naturally, be another consideration for you in your purchase process. There are so many different designs and colourways on the market – you’ll have plenty to choose from!

Remember: whilst the appearance of your escooter is important, it’s not the be all and end all and you should always prioritise the scooter’s performance, functionality and safety above anything else. The design should just be an added bonus.

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Your Budget

There are many fantastic features for electric scooters but there’s no use browsing them if they’re out of your price range. Our advice is to do your research, determine what the functionality of your electric scooter needs to be for your requirements and what would be nice-to-haves. Once you know your required product specifications, you can start to browse scooters in your price range.

You may find the perfect scooter that is slightly outside of your budget, but if it ticks all your boxes, it could be worth investing in. Additionally, many e scooters for sale are available to buy with payment plans, making them more accessible to more people.

Electric Scooters for Sale From Ampere

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